Funny it may seem that the magical president and his predecessor are engaged in a word war. The former went into a tirade that his then protege for vice president and now his successor albeit magical president is listed by the government’s drug agency as allegedly among those addicted to prohibited drugs. The seemingly baseless accusation caused an eruption of clapping from a gullible audience present in that public gathering.

Following such public pronouncement from the former president who happens to be under investigation by the international criminal court of the United Nations, the drug agency immediately issued a disclaimer that there is no truth to such allegations. That somehow cleared the magical president from such seemingly baseless accusation sans other sources that may point to prove otherwise.

In a stroke to parry the former president’s aggression and divert public attention, the magical president issued a retaliation by issuing a similar accusation that it is the former who is appears to be high on prohibited substances. The counter-accusation has ignited a rift between former allies and their followers. It now is an ugly word war that would eventually cause a great division between their political camps.

The public is now dragged into a conflict between powerful politicians who are out to knock each other down to grab a decided advantage towards the next elections. Indeed, the political maneuvering is too obvious as each camp is bent to do whatever it would take to attain their hidden agenda.

Amid the baseless accusations is the main issue of ensuring that political power is won by those aiming to be the next in the line of key top position to govern this Filipino nation. All that the hapless people could do is hope that the power to rule this nation will not fall into those who would be accused with any iota of doping.
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