NAVAL,Biliran – The Department of Energy (DOE) has warned against the use of refilled butane gas cylinder saying it could prove to be a disaster.
Rey Maleza, chief science research specialist of the DOE-Visayas, said that as part of their campaign against the use of refilling butane gas cylinder, they will launch a massive information campaign in the country, to include in the region.
He said that portable camping stove should only be used outdoors and not indoors, because they are not compliant with the standards of LPG centers.
He noted that although butane gas is cheaper and handy to consumers, refilled butane canister is hazardous because its cylinder has a tendency to bulge than liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which uses heavy metal valve.
“It is very dangerous because when there is too much pressure due to reusing, the tendency is to expand, which causes leak in the canister that will lead to fire,” he explained.
Maleza said that they will not run after the retailers who are selling refilled cylinders but will apprehend the users and illegal refilling stations.
The DOE encourages consumers to report to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) illegal refilling stations and households patronizing refilled butane gas.