TACLOBAN CITY– In the spirit of fostering a sustainable future, the Department of Education (DepEd), under the leadership of Secretary and Vice President Sara Duterte, has embarked on a tree planting activity.

The activity, dubbed as “236,000 trees- a Christmas gift for the children,” is in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and other agencies and was held on December 6 across the country.

In the region, DepEd Regional Director Evelyn Fetalvero led teachers, students, and school personnel in the tree planting activity.

“236,000 Trees – A Christmas Gift for the Children” transcends the traditional exchange of presents during the festive season, presenting a gift that echoes through time, benefiting not only the current generation but also those yet to come,” Fetalvero said.

She added that the significance of planting trees for the environment cannot be overstated.
“DepEd’s commitment to planting 236,000 trees underscores a dedication to environmental stewardship, recognizing that the well-being of our children is intricately connected to the health of our planet,” she added.

Fetalvero believes that the initiative is a beacon of hope, emphasizing the importance of instilling ecological consciousness in the younger generation.

“By gifting trees to the children, DepEd is sowing the seeds of responsibility and environmental awareness, “she said.