CABUCGAYAN, Biliran – The Department of Education (DepEd) Biliran schools division has conducted the 20th division schools press conference 2017 for this province in this town drawing in 813 participants from different elementary and secondary schools in the province.
Town Mayor Edwin Masbang delivered the keynote address during the opening last Thursday (Sept.21).
Delia Quijano, of the DepEd’s Biliran Schools Division and who is in-charge of the campus journalism of the Biliran Schools Division, told Leyte Samar Daily Express activity was participated by 274 pupil journalists in the elementary level with 63 school paper advisers and 415 campus journalists from the secondary level with 61 school paper advisers.
The participants came from the nine districts of the eight towns of the province composed of 125 schools in the elementary and 20 schools in the secondary levels. Other participants included a private secondary school and from Naval State University, she added.
Quijano said that in the competition for individual categories include news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, editorial cartooning, sports writing, copy reading, headline writing, science and technology writing, and photojournalism.
On the other hand, for group categories include desktop collaborative and desktop publishing, radio broadcasting, and television broadcasting.
Quijano said that the program starts at the division level in choosing the best seven students who will be declared winners and who will compete in the regional schools press conference, and the winners at the regional level will eventually proceed to the national schools press conference which is the highest competition in the campus journalism.
Quijano clarified that in the division level, top seven will be chosen but the top 5 will have to proceed to the regional schools press conference while the remaining two will just be reserved if ever top 5 cannot attend for valid reasons.
And on the regional schools press conference, top seven will be chosen but then only the top 3 will have to proceed to the national press conference.
DepEd’s schools press conference is an especial program to develop the talents and skills of the pupils and students in relation to campus journalism, Quijano said.