TACLOBAN CITY – At least 99 confiscated uncalibrated or defective weighing scales from the different markets in the city were destroyed as part of a crackdown of the city government under Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez on fraudulent weighing scales on Monday (Oct.22).
The Office of the Market Superintendent led the confiscation of the tampered weighing scales pursuant to City Ordinance No. 2008-10-71 which provides for the regulation of weights and measures in public market and private establishments in the city.
OIC Market Superintendent Bernardo Villarante said that the operation is one way to protect consumers from being cheated as well as to stop some fraudulent vendors from their illegal practices.
Majority of the confiscated weighing scales came from the fish section of the Central Public Market.
According to Villarante, the ordinance carries a maximum penalty of P3,000 fine and revocation of the business permits of the vendor/business establishment.
All weighing scales must be registered and calibrated by the Operation of Market Office which has a corresponding fee of P200 (P150 –calibration free and P 50-sticker fee), Villarante said.
The following are prohibited under the ordinance: tampering with the weights by replacing the inside parts, i.e. springs, which will diminish the measuring capability of weights; replacing of plates other than those provided for such weights; using the weighing scales which are already worn-out and rusted; manipulating of adjustments; removing the seal on the weighing scale; placing of any metal or concealed materials in such manner as to reflects greater weight other than the true weight of goods or merchandise; and use of tampered/defective weighing scales.
To be assured of the right weight of goods purchased, consumers are encouraged to check if the weighing scale has the sticker of the city government.
‘Timbangan ng Bayan’ can also be found in the central public markets for verification of weights. (HENRY JAMES ROCA/Photo: K. NAPALA/CIO)