A thorough investigation is now being conducted by the Tacloban city police on the discovery of a dead body found inside an abandoned container van on December 22.
The corpse of a still unidentified corpse of a man was found in the container van in Barangay 95-A, Caibaan district.

The victim was described as between the age of 50-60 years old and believed to be 5”2 inches in height.

The police said that the cadaver was discovered by Jonar Cabujat, 25, and a resident of the said village.

Cabujat told police that he was stunned to see a man who was not moving and lying face up under the said container van parked at the roadside.

He immediately called the barangay officials who in turn, asked for police assistance.
The members of the scene of the crime operatives (SOCO) were requested to process the scene which found no foul play on the death of the man and presumed that he died of a natural cause.

The victim’s cadaver was immediately brought to a local funeral parlor while waiting for the family and relatives of the victim to fetch his cadaver.