CAMP SEC. RUPERTO K.KANGLEON, PALO, Leyte-Two communist terrorist group (CTG) members voluntarily surrendered to authorities in Barangay San Roque, Marabut, Samar on Monday, December 12, 2022.

The joint personnel of Regional Intelligence Unit 8 (RIU8) led by PLt.Col. Raad O. Lapura, OIC; Marabut MPS led by PLt. Vincent Wendell L. Marteja, OIC; Samar PPO-PIU led by PLt.Col. Edwin M. Oloan, Jr., 805th RMFB8 led by PCpt. Joet Micah O. Evangelista; 2nd Samar SPMFC led by PLt. Col. Marino Azur M. Estonio, FC;124th SAC, 12th SAB led by PCpt. Michael S. Giner; and 63rd IB, PA led by LT Col.Lucio R. Janolino,INF(GSC), PA facilitated the surrender of two male CTG members identified as alias “Rey/Nilo” and “Allan” at about 11 AM and 11:40 AM yesterday at Marabut Municipal Police Station, Marabut, Samar.

“Allan” and “Rey/Nilo” were former members of Squad 2, SYP Platoon, ISUZU of SECCOM South Samar 2 (SS2) SRC Alphine, EVRPC and a non-periodic status report listed (NPSRL).
Their last contact with CTGs was on May 2020.

Also members and supporters of an underground mass organization (UGMO) as barangay organizing party BOP/Sangay ng Partido sa Barangay (SPB), the CTG members left their organization to be able to leap to the government’s agenda towards lasting peace and progress.

Said CTG surrenderees are currently undergoing custodial debriefing and are being considered for the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP).

BGen. Rommel Francisco D. Marbil, PRO8 Regional Director, attributed the surrender of the said CTG members to the relentless community support programs conducted by the police and military forces in the Samar provinces. (PR)