ALFor the whole Christian world, the coming of Jesus Christ is the greatest manifestation of God’s love for all of mankind. While many Christian sects do not follow the teachings of the Catholic Church on the Paschal mystery, many of such sects do some sort of observance of the Holy Week. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the strongest statement of His obedience to the will of the Father who sent Him so that man will be saved from the throes of sin.
People seem to have turned less observant of the practices that mark Holy Week as truly holy. Even in these holy days, we still find people having fun in their night escapades, enjoying in drinking sprees, hip-hopping in dance crazes and crooning their lungs out on videoke bars. Old folks would always share their stories about the reflective mood that people go through during the Lenten season and the Holy Week. The holy days would always be turned to somber mood in reflection of the passion and death of Jesus Christ.
It really is hard to understand how people could chose lackadaisically on unholy activities that go in conflict with the spirit of Holy Week. We cannot say that the Church had been lacking in reminders and admonitions to all and sundry regarding the proper conduct and behavior that will show reverence to these holy days. It is perhaps the lack of humility to accept God’s will that people tend to do their wants even if unpleasing and inappropriate for the Lenten season and the Holy Week.
But there is the light side amid these unholy practices that the faithful can turn to during the Holy Week. We still can find broadcast both on radio and television about biblical stories, narratives and movies that would remind us of the great love that Jesus Christ gave us. Apart from these movies and dramas, we can observe live reenactments in many places all over the country and the world, depicting the passion of Jesus Christ.
Above all, we can always take part in Eucharistic Celebrations in the many Catholic Churches where the passion and death of Jesus Christ is read, reflected on and prayed. Doing penance and sacrifices in atonement and for the forgiveness of our sins will make our holy days truly holy as we look inside our lives the Jesus Christ on the cross.
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