Cruz says this will erase allegations of police abuses

CAMP RUPERTO KANGLEON, PALO, Leyte-Starting this week, operations on illegal drugs and other criminalities in the region will be on video recordings.
This after 20 body cameras were distributed to the six provinces and seven cities police headquarters and stations in the region by Chief Supt. Gilberto Cruz, regional police director, after their flag ceremony on Monday(Sept.18) at their regional headquarters, this town.
The provincial police headquarters are to receive two body cameras while the seven city police stations will receive one unit each.
The remaining one body camera will be used at the Philippine National Police (PNP) regional headquarters.
Chief Supt. Cruz said that the body cameras were donated by his friends from Metro Manila and not a single centavo was used by their headquarters or from their national headquarters.
“These body cameras will be used during our anti-drug operations and other criminalities. This will dispel allegations that the police are committing abuses, planting of evidences and even EJK (extrajudicial killing),” Cruz said during an interview.
He also said that aside from the body cameras, he would also encourage the members of the media to join their operations and see for themselves “the risks and sacrifices being made by the policemen” as they carry out their duty.
He said that next week, another 30 body cameras are to be distributed to other police stations in the region until all police stations will have at least one unit.
There are 121 police stations in the region.
Cruz said that the body camera will be an advantage for both police operatives and the subjects of the operations as everything will be recorded.
“We want to be transparent in our operations. We want to provide protection both to our policemen and the suspects,” he said.
Meantime, while other police stations have yet to have their own body cameras, he asked them to record their operations using the camera of their mobile phones.