The Tacloban city government has fined several business establishments and barangay officials at the city’s downtown area for their failure to follow the ‘no segregation, no collection’ garbage policy (CIO)

TACLOBAN CITY-Enforcers from the city’s solid waste management team have issued citation tickets to several business establishments and barangays at the city’s downtown area on Wednesday (Feb.26) for violating the ‘no segregation, no collection’ garbage policy.
At least 16 business establishments and barangay chairpersons were given citations for noncompliance on the city’s waste segregation ordinance.
Section 26 of City Ordinance No. 2017-13-37 authorizes the City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to issue citation tickets to any individual which includes barangay chairpersons that may be held responsible for not implementing and enforcing the said act.
Violators who were issued citations will have to pay a fine ranging from P300 to P1,000 or render community service.
Meantime, the team will not only give citation tickets to violators of the said policy but also, include offenders of the city’s Anti-Littering Ordinance No. 2007-10-31.
Under the said ordinance, violators who will be caught dumping their garbage before the scheduled time of collection will be fined P500 for the first offense. For succeeding offenses, the fines will go up as high as P1,000 or mandatory community service for five (5) to 10 days.
To date, the local government through its SWM team conducted information campaigns last week in Downtown barangays, to disseminate the City’s plan on imposing penalties for those who will not cooperate.