Amid surge of HIV cases in Tacloban City

TACLOBAN CITY– As cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases here in the city continue to surge, the City Health Office (CHO) continues its free HIV testing service.
Last year, the CHO reported 1,076 HIV cases in the city, which was comparatively higher than the 2022 record of just 638 cases.

Dr. Danilo Ecarma, CHO officer-in-charge, emphasized the importance of knowing one’s HIV status.

Aside from free HIV testing, their office also offers counseling and medical consultations for the target sector of the program, notably the members of the LGBTQ+, youth, and those with risky behaviors when it comes to sex.

Meanwhile, with the advocacy of ensuring the health of city residents, CHO also continues to offer a tuberculosis program that provides free medication for the illness.

Tuberculosis ranks as the second leading infectious killer worldwide after COVID-19, this initiative, making it essential and necessary.

Mel Maravilles, CHO TB program coordinator for the Tacloban City Health Office, encourages the public to visit their office saying it is free.

Maravilles further noted that their patients start at a very young age, as early as 6 months old, which is alarming, extending to children and adults who are highly susceptible to infection by this illness.