The month of March, observed nationwide as Fire Prevention Month, is already over, but it doesn’t mean our observance of fire prevention is also done because this summertime which is to last until May is forecasted to be overly hot, the temperature soaring high making everything under the heat of the sun prone enough to catching fire.

Just a spark of little fire could raze congested houses to the ground, particularly those that are made of light materials such as wood, nipa, bamboos, and the like. Even the concrete buildings are not spared because dry materials tend to be more flammable during the hot, dry season, hence the necessity to be on high alert against destructive fire eruption.

Fire is an important commodity to us, humans, as we cannot eat most of our staple foods unless they are cooked above it. But much as it is vital, it also is a dangerous enemy when mishandled and ignored. And the destruction it brings could be so devastating, putting both lives and properties at great risk. Catbalogan, for instance, has been a victim of massive fires for a number of times.

The problem when it becomes a catastrophe is that, it could be uncontrollable at times, causing too much damage, claiming lives as a result. At a time when there is usually scarcity of water supply due to dry season, fire is quick to erupt, requiring much water for it to be suppressed and put under control. Such fire occurrences seldom occur during rainy season when much water is available for stopping fire. That’s ironic.

The best thing that household and residential owners can do is exercise much caution in dealing with fire and to prevent its occurrence. That explains why this yearly reminder to prevent that catastrophe. One is luckier as a victim of theft compared to being a fire victim.