Barangay residents of Sta. Elena, Lubi-lubi, and Cagngaran, all in La Paz, Leyte are soon to enjoy a better and concrete road which is to be completed soon.

TACLOBAN CITY– To divert traffic congestion in the town center, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Leyte 2nd District Engineering Office (L2DEO) continue the construction of the new by-pass and diversion road in La Paz, Leyte.

The construction of the La Paz Bypass and Diversion Road is a multi-year project of the DPWH. It measures 1.70 kilometers, including a bridge traversing the villages of Sta. Elena to Cagngaran, and Lubi-lubi, La Paz.

The multi-year project started in 2021 for the construction of a bridge and in 2022 for the concreting of 4-lane-wide Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) with sidewalks and a drainage system.

For the current year, the department allotted another 45.91 million for the said project.
The completion of the whole stretch of the La Paz By-Pass Road is expected to provide better accessibility to the people of La Paz and nearby municipalities.

Oppura emphasized the need for improved transportation in the area to boost economic activity and livelihood, particularly in the agricultural sector, and to provide alternate commuters and additional capacity.