ORMOC CITY- Good acts reap rewards.
This adage proves to be true in the case of two brothers who were amply rewarded of housing units of their own after they returned P35,000 they discovered a year ago.
Roel Plinos, 40, a tricycle driver, discovered a brown envelope tucked inside the motorcycle he was driving.
Curious, he opened the envelope and found some documents and the P35,000 cash inside.
He later saw his younger brother, Rodel, and asked on how they could return the envelope containing the huge cash to its owner.
According to Roel, while he was in dire need of money at that time, not once did he thinks of keeping it for himself.
Rodel, 37, suggested that they give the money and the documents to their employer, Benedicto Lambunao instead.
Lambunao, in turn, decided to give them to Mayor Edward Codilla.
Codilla, with the help of his staff, was able to trace the owner.
The city mayor then promised the siblings that they would be given priority once the distribution of housing units at the relocation site in Barangay Linao starts.
And on June 23, their rewards came as they were given their own units.
The 2,000 housing units at Linao were constructed by the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwan-based organization that assisted victims of supertyphoon “Yolanda” that also hit Ormoc.
The siblings lost their houses during the massive typhoon.
Roel, a father of two children lives in Barangay Libertad, while his younger brother, who has three children, is a resident of Brgy. Cogon.