ORMOC CITY- A two-year old boy was discovered dead in a creek in a remote village of this city while his three-year old sister was recovered alive.
The two young siblings, identified as Daniela, 3 and Joshua, 2, both Diones and residents of Barangay Mergin, were said to have followed their mother who went out of their house on April 5. Their mother, Angelita, 24, asked her younger sister to look after her two children while she was away. The father, Daniel, was in the farm at that time.

But upon her return to their house, she was shocked to learn that her two children were missing. They went out frantically searching for the two but to no avail. However, a barangay watchman, who was not identified, from the nearby village of Mabato, discovered the two submerged in a creek at around 5 p.m. on April 6.

The watchman immediately retrieved the two bodies, later discovered to be that of Daniela and Joshua.Joshua was recovered dead with bruises on his face while Daniela was alive although appeared to be dehydrated and was immediately brought to a hospital by a rescue unit of the city government.
The anguish mother could not believe that her son was dead saying that someone could have led the two in going out considering that they would not dare to follow her considering that they are not familiar with the route.
Police authorities are still investigating the case. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)