TACLOBAN CITY – Acknowledging that surfing is a seasonal sport, the city government of Borongan plans to offer other activities to tourists for them to enjoy their visit to the capital of Eastern Samar province during months when waves are not suitable for ride.

Rupert Ambil, head of the city information office, said that during the off-season, tourists can visit their neighboring towns where they can ride the waves and do surf.

Other surfing spots in Eastern Samar are found in Llorente and Guiuan, among others.
Ambil said that they will soon offer scuba diving after one of the travel and tour operators in the city received the certification to operate a dive center.

The city has identified two dive spots located in two of its island villages, Ando and Divinubo.

“The good thing about this is, this will be offered by the private sector, one of the tour operators in the city,” Ambil said.

Aside from diving, Ambil said that inviting national events also helps attract more tourists to regularly visit the city making its tourism activities lively whole year round and increase their tourist arrivals.

Among the national events planned to be held in Borongan is the national kiteboarding competition and the swimjunkie nationals, an open water swimming competition.
Ambil added that they are also talking with organizers of a triathlon event to have it held in the city.

“Not all other places are doing the same thing that we are doing but we have to create opportunities for ourselves and for the people,” he said.