Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda affixing his signature on December 29, 2023 for the enactment of the 2024 city budget approved by members of the city council headed by Vice-Mayor Emman Tiu-Soco on December 27. With Mayor Agda on photo is VM Tiu-Soco, some members of the city council and department heads. (Photo credit to Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda FB Page)

TACLOBAN CITY – Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda signed the city’s budget for 2024 in the amount of P1.2 billion.

Last year, the city had a budget of P1.14 billion.

The city mayor, in his message, said that a big portion of the city budget would go to various social services programs.

“I wish to inform (the Boronganons) that 21 percent of our budget next year is allocated for social services that include the allocation for the Dukwag Agrikultura, Libre Medisina, and other cash assistance to our people in dire need,” Mayor Agda said right after he signed the fiscal ordinance on December 29, 2023.

Dukwag Agrikultura is a priority project of Mayor Agda which aims to develop agriculture by boosting the productivity of farmers and fishermen, providing them support for agri-entrepreneurship through cash loan assistance with zero interest that they can use in investing in agribusiness.

Libre Medisina is a city government program launched in 2021 that provides free medicine to city residents provided that they have a doctor’s prescription.

Under the P1.2 billion, P434 million would go for general services; P440.13 million for economic services;social and welfare services,P253.54 million and other purposes,P80.54 million.Among those who witnessed the signing of the 2024 city budget was Vice Mayor Emmanuel Tiu-Sonco.

Mayor Agda said that the majority of the budget is allocated to the general fund that will finance the operational expenses, development projects, and other services of the city government.

The city government also provides cash assistance to senior high school and college students, including senior citizens.

“The signing of the budget is a big milestone for the city government because it emphasizes the thrust of the city government ensuring to its people that no one is left behind. This also gives emphasis on providing better funds to social services so that all residents will benefit from it,” Agda said.(ROEL T. AMAZONA)