The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee of the previous and the present Congress had been successful in ferreting the truth on billions worth of scandals.

The Pharmally in the heat of the Pandemic saw an obvious overpriced billions worth of procurement.

It saw a company with a capitalization of 600 thousand garnered an award of billions worth of project.

The long and winding hearings kept us glued to our seats and the people knew the truth.
But to this day, not much of punishment nor redemption came.

Today, we saw again the recommendation of yet another Blue Ribbon Committee on the DepEd Laptop scandal.

We have learned to expect nothing from it.

In the Pharmally shenanigans, we saw an Administration willing to defend the wrongdoers.
This time, we expect similar machinations with a twist. Perhaps, all these will be buried in the collective short memory of our people.

These are billions worth of overpriced transactions and we expect no punishment, this is our trend.This is our reality. And this is Sad.