NAVAL, Biliran-The Biliran Police Provincial Office (BPPO) has launched an anti-criminality project dubbed PEACE (Prevention, Enforcement, Assessment, Collaboration, and Enhancement) to enhance crime prevention strategies in the province.

“Biliran PPO is proud to launch another best practice that aims to make Biliran province the safest place to live, not only in Eastern Visayas but in the entire Philippines,” said Colonel Felix G. Gervacio Jr., BPPO director, during the launch of PEACE on February 2 at the Pulis Biliranon Multi-Purpose Hall inside the BPPO camp.

According to Gervacio, the PEACE-Biliran is a localized anti-criminality action plan that follows a systematic approach to prevent and address crime incidents in the province. It is represented by an acronym emphasizing the cyclical approach that police officers must follow to maintain peace and order in the country.

He mentioned that prevention, the initial phase of the anti-criminality project, requires an active partner, such as the Citizens Information Support Group (CISG), to support peace efforts in the province. They assist in monitoring, obtaining, and promptly relaying important information to law enforcement agencies and security groups.

He added that enforcement, the second word of the anti-criminality project, ensures that the police officers are committed to exerting their best efforts to utilize all available resources to identify perpetrators, file cases, and make arrests.

Gervacio highlighted that the A stands for assessment, which centers on police officers’ endeavors to examine the reasons for and shortcomings in crime prevention and identify the cause of the crime incident.

He stated that collaboration, the fourth word of the project, deals with resolving issues and restoring order with the assistance of other units and partner agencies.

He also identified some enhancements in the anti-criminality project, which utilizes simulations, tabletop exercises, and other methods based on careful assessment by police officers to implement crime prevention measures.

Recently, the Police Regional Office in Eastern Visayas recognized the efforts made by the BPPO as a consistent performer in law enforcement operations. They achieved the highest crime clearance efficiency of 100 percent in 2023.

Brig. Gen. Robert Alexander A. Morico II, acting director of the PNP Directorate for intelligence and a former provincial director of the BPPO, attended the launch of PEACE-Biliran. (AAC/RSV/PIA Biliran)