Representatives belonging to the majority block are moving headstrong to change the constitution. The move had been initiated on grounds that appear as resurrection of in previous attempts, that of opening the economic provisions that restrict foreigners from owning corporations and properties to the detriment of Filipinos. The purported purpose being raised by the proponents is to attract foreign investors to propel our country’s economic growth. But the many foreign trips of the magical president had drawn commitments from supposed foreign investors.

The aim is sugarcoated with promising projections for a better socio-economic life of the Filipino people.In reality though, the move is clearly not limited to amending specific provisions that are deemed irrelevant. The majority under people the administration umbrella is bound, by the name of its initiative, to change the charter. That had been the battlecry of many of the politicians who keep their hidden agenda, with sights at lifting term limits more than any other.

The charter change proponents are conveniently pointing to other provisions and term extension is not one of them. But such denials are too good to be true. Once the move for charter change would prosper, there is nothing that can stop these politicians from opening the entire charter for all kinds of amendments, including the form of government as what happened during the despot whose son is now the magical president.

Under the present setup, it is hard to be convinced how the charter is so infirm as to require urgent action for radical changes that is bound to go beyond mere amendments. There are provisions that are seen incongruous and others that are irrelevant if not absurd but the charter had served its primordial purpose of restoring political stability and affording the people their fundamental rights, freedom and liberty. The inclusion of term limits had been a proactive response by its framers to contain the rising of family political dynasties.

It is very clear that moves to change the charter had primarily been aimed to lift term limits which had been the roadblock to the selfish ambitions of politicians who want to stay in power for as long as they wish. If there is anything to be changed, it is those moving to change the charter and not the charter.

By and by, the Filipino people would be at the losing end as the recent move for chacha that is charter change is for the mighty and powerful politicians’ benefit dance.
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