BASEY, Samar – The 87th Infantry Battalion, particularly its alpha company, has put up a check point in Barangay Guirang, this town, to thwart any possible activities of rebel group but also occurrence of illegal logging activities. This was disclosed by Lt. Randy Alunday, assistant alpha company Commander of the 87th IB, who said that the putting up of a checkpoint in the area is part of their duty to ensure safety among the people and at the same time, deter occurrence of the illegal logging activities said to be rampant in Basey.

“We have soldiers here that got experience in doing high-profile search techniques and they’ve done specific rehearsals to build them up over the last few months, and they do understand all of the different scenarios, from the highest threat level to the most rudimentary threat level, in order to provide a safe environment” he said.

Linda Pacaanas, a village chief of Barangay Mabini, said the soldiers’ presence in the area has repelled insurgents and boosted their confidence.
The Alpha company of the 87th IB is much smaller force and is more localized, and work more in or near the villages of Basey, and Marabut, both in Samar. Alunday said that soldiers conduct regular patrols in the area to prevent enemy activity, and have also standby troops ready to reinforce every time there has been a threat to operating troops in the area. (JAZMIN BONIFACIO)