They may also be pro-Filipino, but they also back the political party to which they belong. People may therefore feel as though their heads are spinning, but the pro-China positions of some Filipino leaders are a sign of their allegiance to their preferred party, and maybe not a hostility to our nation.

That is my desire, and I sincerely hope that it is the case, but we are unsure.
The previous government made a bold move to improve relations with China and was hailed as a genius from the beginning. However, slowly we saw a constant disruptions , shadowing , laser targeting d focused and lately Water Cannons attacks. It all seems that the good relations supposedly built by the past admin was for naught.

The presence of POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations ) came as a bit a bigger problem where crimes of kidnapping between and among Chinese People who operate with the POGOs are a frequent occurrence . The crimes came as fodder to news and vloggers ,
Currently, it is believed and suspected that Alice Guo, the mayor of Bamban, is Chinese rather than Filipino. Because of the lax election regulations in our country, Mayor Guo is said to have won the mayoralty with no difficulty, even without the necessary public records, school records, or extremely late voter registration—which became available only in 2021. Her application for Chinese POGO permits in Bamban town is said to have originated from her as a private individual.

In a news article published by Michael Punongbayan for the Philippine Star, the Philippine Coast Guard merely labels them as traitors!

Even when their parties do not support the Filipino people, these leaders of ours are loyal to them. They often adopt irrational stances and incite fear of war, but they also extol China. They seem to be faithful to me. The fisherman and Filipino troops who man the shoals and the antique ship that floats are not the best interests of the officials we elected to serve our interests. Whoa, to us who cast ballots for them

If one may ask, how would Filipinos as a whole think of these supposed leaders? Who sides with China on a government salary?

The Philippine Coast Guard on a news report written by Michael Punongbayan with the Philippine Star simple calls them Traitors!

These leaders of ours are devoted to their parties, even when those parties do not support the Filipino people. They frequently invoke fear of war and take unrealistic positions, but they also praise China. In my opinion, they are faithful. The leaders we elected to represent our interests are not looking out for the best interests of the fishermen and Filipino soldiers who man the shoals and ancient ship that floats. Woe to us who voted for them.

Do they still support China or the Filipinos? Exactly where you stand on the political spectrum determines this. However, we know this writer’s position is as obvious as the West Philippine Sea’s morning horizon.

I stand with the Philippines!