It may be a late rejoinder for Women’s Month, but it is a thing of beauty and yes, worthy of emulation.

Alex Eala’s, Filipina, Young Tennis Player, her journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and the power of representation. As she continues to make strides, she inspires not only tennis enthusiasts but also an entire nation.

Lost in the negative headlines hugging the limelight of today is the remarkable achievement of one young Filipina. Alex Eala, the Tennis Phenom. Linking up with French bet Estelle Cascino, the Filipina French duo pulled off a stunning 7-5, 7-6(4) upset of the No. 1 seed pair of Maia Lumsden from Great Britain and another local ace Jessika Ponchet to win the W75 Croissy-Beaubourg in France.

The Win for Eala is remarkable because a few days before Eala was eliminated in the Round of 16 in the same Tournament . yet she bounced back and won the Doubles Championship.
This proved resilience and grit from the young lady, and it inspires tennis players worldwide and the Filipinas in particular.

As a personal fan of Alex, we have these Group Chat that talks, prays, and rallies the young lady as she embarked on the Tennis duels which shows a strong winning form, yet it can also be laced with defeats and euphoria sometimes closely spaced with each other. The roller-coaster feeling is also felt by us fanboys.

The most remarkable thing about Alex Eala is her resolve and skill as Tennis Star . The sport is not that popular in the country and to play competitively in this not so popular sport is to find Tennis Courts ,with specialized equipment like Racquet and Tennis Balls.

However, Alex is persistent, and she had been just that, strong willed and even though defeat visits her reality and mind, victory like this comes as a possibility. That is why it is all the more admirable.

Alex Eala is a Word Class Filipina and worthy of our admiration!