Amazing to the people is the inaction by this administration to protect our territory against clear Chinese aggression. The incidents being done by the Chinese had been escalating, from driving away our fishermen to ramming fishing boats, then blocking the delivery of food provision and supplies to our navy and coast guard assigned in the area. The latest incident was a clear aggression where Chinese forces attached a philippine vessel causing damage and injuries to our personnel manning the area.

The statement of the officials in command of our forces lamented how the Chinese are provoking them to retaliate that could result in a clash that may trigger war between the opposing forces. The actions had caught the attention of the internationally community and the common observation is against the Chinese bullying of our forces despite the arbitral ruling in our favor.

Apart from the aggression that was caught on video, there had been many incidents in the past where Chinese forces had purposely damaged fishing boats of Filipino fishermen. They had been prevented from engaging in their livelihood within philippine territory. These fishermen had been driven away and our government had not taken enough action to protect the rights of our fishermen. All that had been done is file protests which had all been refuted if not totally denied by the Chinese government.

In another arena, our territory had been intruded by Chinese nationals led by a town mayor who had been placed under investigation on alleged connections with Chinese operators of offshore gambling and other criminal activities. The senate probe had discovered many illegal activities where the mayor is connected either on her official capacity or as investor for being member of corporations doing business in her jurisdiction. The investigation had uncovered connections with high ranking officials that appear as allies or protectors of the mayor who may have taken a different ploy of aggression.
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