Placed under an embarrassing setup where probers were given a run around the questions that the police officers had a good time evading the questions, the senators turned berserk by issuing threats of citing them in contempt. The antics had entertained the public who have the time to watch either face to face inside the senate halls or live coverage by radio and television or live streaming on various media platforms.

That same drama happened during the recent investigation of police officers who lost allegedly almost a ton of illegal drugs popularly known as shabu. The haul was already in custody by the officers who nabbed the contraband but got lost in mysterious circumstances that probers believed to be suspicious. The tales presented by the police officers were full of inconsistencies.

Those police officers held their ground that they have no part in the alleged wrongdoing being charged against them. Bereft of enough evidence to support their surmises, Senator Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa begged for cooperation from the police officers, dropping on bended knees asking for mercy that the police officers tell the truth for the sake of the Filipino people and country.

The brouhaha of the senate probe exposed the undeniable truth that the brutal drug war carried out by Senator Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa was an utter failure. Lives were wasted in that bloody war and the drug menace still exists until now. The antics of kneeling in the hallowed halls of the senate was nothing but a clear act that he and his principal, then president Rodrigo Roa Duterte bloody drug war was a failure. The fact that police officers are in the drug business under probe is a statement that his failed drug war is admitted.
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