While most areas of Tacloban City have had their water connections restored and functional after those days and weeks of being deprived of water supply due to some repairs effected by Leyte Metropolitan Water District (LMWD) along some pipelines, St. Anthony Subdivision, an area in Manlurip, San Jose this city has not had its normal water services back.
Yes, water flows out of the household faucets, but only in the middle of the nights when people are supposed to be sleeping. During daytime, when people in their homes are up and awake doing chores of various sorts, water, a basic necessity, is unavailable from their faucets, hence their difficulty to do normal operations. As a result, they are compelled to wait for water flow come night times, depriving themselves of enough sleep necessary for a healthy living just to be able to gather enough water that would suffice their need.
The fact that, somehow, they are able to avail of water supply does not justify the reality that they are deprived of normal water services from LMDW. It does not follow that, just because they still manage to stockpile water at nights, their problem need not be addressed anymore. Remember, lack of sleep could destroy one’s health if it becomes a permanent routine. These people making unnecessary vigils cannot also be sleeping during the day just to recover their missed sleeping time since they also have tasks to do during daytime.
The reason for this abnormal water flow is unclear. One thing is clear, though—the water flow is quite slow even at nights. It’s not something normal. Prior to the effected repairs, water was flowing abundantly through household pipelines. But after that, this precious commodity is no longer readily available. Again, one would have to agonize and battle with drowsiness just to get this precious thing.
Some are thinking that perhaps, there is leakage of water along the pipelines that carry the water supply to this subdivision, hence the absence of water during the day. Others allege that some people in the vicinity are using electric pumps to draw in water into their containers. Still others claim that, during daytime, water cannot flow into the area as a certain household at the entrance to the subdivision is accordingly engaged in a business that sells water to those in need, and this requires them to use a strong electric pump that siphons the water passing through the main pipeline that leads to this particular place.
Whatever is the reason behind, it is for LMWD to probe, to penalize violators. The people in the area are paying their water bills, yet the water services they receive are insufficient. The water management then should attend to this matter, with urgency, so as to help the affected residents with this undeserved agony. It is their plea that the management take an immediate action to resolve this problem as no other entities can help them out with this. It is LMWD’s sole responsibility, and the needed action should be effected soon before those people who deprive themselves of needed sleep develop serious ailments.