The Miss Universe pageant, an international sensation, has become a symbol of beauty, poise, and elegance around the world. As the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, it offers an opportunity for young women to showcase their beauty, talent, and ambition. For its Philippine version to be held this year is timely enough so the country could have a representative in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador.

The conduct of Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 has been reaping much acclaim and attention. Tacloban City is lucky enough to have witnessed some of the pageant-related activities, as the contestant displayed exemplary behavior, including being respectful, honest, and showing good sportsmanship. The judges and the crowd were eyeing every aspect of each contestant, from her personality to her dressing and grooming. Each was expected to be a role model that upholds the values of the pageant and seeks to inspire young women around the world.

During the activities, the Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 was subjected to different challenges, including the interviews. In all these segments, there are usual expectations for each contestant’s conduct to be on point. She should be confident, composed and show a good command of her emotions while expressing her views. She should also remain gracious and be respectful of others, including her fellow contestants, judges, and the audience.

Another critical area of assessment for the conduct of the Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 is her involvement in charitable works and volunteerism. Being part of the Miss Universe pageant involves a lot more than just showcasing one’s beauty and talent. It is an opportunity to use one’s position as a beauty queen to advance social awareness and contribute positively to society. Therefore, it is expected that the contestant will be passionate about a cause and work to create positive change within the community. Volunteering and charitable works will attest to her character and ultimately influence the judges’ overall decision.

Indeed, the conduct of the Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 plays a critical role in how each contestant was perceived and ultimately judged during the competition. With her exceptional character, good sportsmanship, and passion for social change, she can have a significant impact not only on her fellow contestants but also on society at large. Thus, the conduct of Miss Universe-Philippines 2023 is an essential factor to consider in determining the ultimate winner of the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.