The eerie silence that shrouds the alleged clandestine dealings between the Duterte administration and communist China is deafening. With each passing day, whispers grow louder and rumors become more persistent. If these speculations hold any truth and not just political propaganda, we are not merely witnessing a threat to our sovereignty but embarking on a new chapter in our history.

The notion that our leaders may have struck Faustian bargains with a foreign power, sacrificing our nation’s interests at the altar of self-preservation, is nothing short of a national tragedy. Reports suggest that hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals have already flooded our shores under the tacit approval of the Duterte administration, deepening the sense of foreboding that grips our collective consciousness.

Every day, China’s encroachment into the West Philippine Sea inches closer to becoming an irrevocable reality. The territorial waters that have long been our birthright now hang precariously in the balance, threatened by the unchecked ambition of a hegemonic force.

The specter of a feared confrontation looms large, fueled by China’s insatiable appetite for our natural resources and emboldened by our government’s apparent acquiescence.

Should the effects of these insidious machinations persist, we stand to become mere pawns in China’s grand design for regional dominance. Economic and political hegemony will pave the way for outright ownership, relegating the Philippines to little more than a vassal state in the shadow of a burgeoning empire. Our fate, it seems, lies precariously in the hands of those who have forsaken their sworn duty to protect and uphold our nation’s sovereignty.

In the face of such existential threats, we find ourselves clinging to the last vestiges of hope, praying for divine intervention to deliver us from the clutches of avarice and betrayal. Yet, as the shadows lengthen and the darkness deepens, it’s increasingly evident that our salvation may ultimately rest in our own hands. The time for complacency has long since passed; we must stand united in defiance against those who would sell our birthright for a fleeting semblance of stability.