CAMP CARLOS DELGADO, CATARMAN, Northern Samar- A total of 80 expired firearm license holders came to the Northern Samar Provincial Police Office (NSPPO) on September 15 to avail of the provisional license to own and possess firearms or LTOPF.
The grant of provisional license is valid within nine months and it covers expired firearm licenses prior enactment of RA 10951 otherwise known as “Comprehensive Firearms Law’ which was approved last May 19, 2013.
The caravan was jointly facilitated by NSPOPB and RCSU8 that directly monitor all firearm license holders, as well loose firearms, in the province and entire region, respectively.
With the caravan, the opportunity to renew the license was more beneficial and practical to the holders as their processing expenses were being defrayed.
Applicants secured the indispensable requirements such as application form, proof of payment and proof of billing before approval of the license.
Supt. Jesus S. Miranda said that the caravan is very much important as expired licenses of firearms were given opportunity again to legally possess and own their firearms.
He added that mere carrying of unlicensed firearms amounts to a crime already, as such, owners are encouraged to acquire a license.
Meanwhile, S/Supt.Felix Diloy expressed his gratitude to all firearms holders who participated in said caravan and surrender all loose firearms which may not be covered by the provisional license for the proper accounting.
“The campaign to account all loose firearms is one of the steps to curb criminal activities as a lot of unlicensed firearms are utilized by the criminals,” he clarified.
He expects that more firearms holders would come to NSPPO in the succeeding caravan and avail of the provisional license. (PR)