TACLOBAN CITY – The provincial government of Northern Samar launched a climate resilient farm business schools in the municipalities of Palapag and Laoang.

The program is anchored on Governor Edwin Ongchuan’s development agenda, ‘Padayon nga Kausawagan’ which aims to equip farmers with knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the challenges of climate change through hands-on training and collaborative projects.

The climate resilient-farm business schools are located in the village of Cabariwan in Palapag and Oleras in Laoang.

Thirty farmer-participants from Cabariwan and Oleras will undergo the training for 18 weeks aimed to equip them on different climate-resilient technologies which includes a module in the farming business aspect where they are taught how they can increase their income by treating their farm as a business.

The curriculum is carefully designed to tackle a wide range of topics critical to farming in the face of climate change and is aligned with the palay checks system which encourages farmers to manage their rice crops according to targets by measuring crop performance and analyzing results.

In 2018, the Department of Agriculture in the region announced that they will introduce climate-resilient technologies in three Samar provinces as part of an initiative to help alleviate farmers from poverty, and the first time that the adaptation and mitigation initiative in agriculture (AMIA) will be implemented in Eastern Visayas targeting beneficiaries of special area for agricultural development (SAAD).