TACLOBAN CITY – The ‘BDO Alliance’ in the fourth district of Leyte has now expanded from three local government units to five with the addition of Merida and Albuera towns to the tourism circuit partnership.

Matag-ob Mayor Bernandino Tacoy said that this is a positive development considering that their main goal of creating an alliance is to promote the tourism potential of the local governments within the 4th district of Leyte.

The alliance was first initiated by Matag-ob, Palompon, and Isabel last year to drumbeat and strengthen the tourism linkages of the town.

From BDO, the alliance is now called BDO-LS which stands for Bernie, Dodo, Oňate, Lando, and Sixto, referring to the first names of the mayors of the concerned municipalities.
Only Kananga and Ormoc City remain none members of the partnership.

The alliance showcases various tourist destinations in the locality like the Kalanggaman Island of Palompon, the Bondari Peak in Matag-ob, different beaches and mountain resorts in Merida and Albuera, and educational tourism at the PASAR and the Badjao eco-village in Isabel.