ORMOC CITY– Two individuals, one of whom was a minor, lost their lives in a drowning incident while swimming at Gandara River in Barangay Burabod II, Gandara, Samar last Friday (Feb.23) at about 4:45 pm.

The victims were identified as “Nonoy,” 20 and, “Karkar,” aged 12 and a Grade VI pupil, both residents of Brgy. Burabod II.

Local authorities responded promptly to a call from concerned citizens reporting the drowning incident.

Upon arrival at the scene, they found the two victims undergoing resuscitation by local rescuers who were applying CPR. Subsequently, the victims were transported to the rural health unit for further medical attention.

Preliminary investigation conducted by responding police revealed that the two victims were swimming in the river when they encountered strong currents. Despite their attempts to reach the riverbank, they were unsuccessful.

Following a search and retrieval operation conducted by the Gandara Emergency Response Unit, the lifeless bodies of the victims were found approximately a kilometer away from their last known location.

At the request of their grieving family members, the bodies of the victims were brought back to their respective residences. (ROBERT DEJON)