When Police Lt.Col. Joy G. Leanza assumed as force commander of the 1st Eastern Samar PMFC on July 2021, he made certain that his Police Community Affairs programs will make an impact and that the presence of their unit will be felt by the community they sworn to serve.
With his PCAS Chief, who’s been with him in his previous assignments, they formulated a program specifically intended to help impoverished family in their areas of responsibility.
This endeavor was christened “Balay Mo, Aaydan Ko”. His unit’s PCAS Team who immersed in the community performing their daily tasks will identify marred shanty or hut whose occupant is indigent and has no financial capability to repair their abode.
PLt. Col. Leanza’s specific criteria is that the handicapped, the sick and the poor will qualify as recipients.
On July 12, 2021 while the 1st Eastern Samar PMFC personnel were passing along Brgy. Nato on their way to Taft, proper, their attention was caught by a small shack in an almost shattered state, its wall is made up of  torned woven sacks.
It was learned that the occupant was a 75 year-old widow, without any means of income and is living alone in the house. She narrated how she can’t almost bear and endure the cold especially when it rains.
Initially, the team gave her assorted grocery items and pledged that they will be back.
At 8:00 in the morning of July 16, 2021, the PCAS Team led by PLt.Angelyn Glou A. Cortado, admin and PCAS Chief upon instruction of PLt. Col. Leanza fulfilled their promise to Lola Esabel Morallos Catchin. They showed up carrying plywoods, lumbers, nails and paints.
After half a day, Lola Esabel has a newly repaired shelter. Her old wall made up of torned woven sacks was replaced with blue-painted plywood. She uttered her seemingly endless thanks to the cops as they leave and bound back to the camp.