ORMOC CITY- A ten-wheeler truck carrying around 20 sugarcane workers lost its brake and bumped to a coconut tree along a national road while on its way to a sugarcane farm in Barangay Cabulihan, this city.
The vehicle came from the nearby town of Kananga where the farm workers were picked up in the morning of January 14.
While traversing the national highway particularly at Brgy. Valencia, driver Antonio Pareja, 61, said he noticed the truck brake was not working.
He said he decided to direct out from the lane to head towards the grassy area to avoid colliding with other vehicles but noticed the steering wheel was also not functioning.
Pareja decided to just smash at a coconut tree putting the automobile to a halt.
About 13 passengers sustained minor bruises. They were brought to the hospital for further medical care after receiving first aid from the rescue unit which responded the accident.
Some of them complained of bone strain and shock.
One of the four passengers seated beside the driver got a wound at his head while the rest sustained minor injuries.
The vehicle was severely damaged that its anterior went heavily dented and various parts including drag link were detached.
The police cautioned Pareja to refrain from allowing passengers to sit at his left and for travelling at a higher speed.
The driver sustained minor bruise on his left hand. (ELVIE ROA)a