BOBON, Northern Samar– The police in Bobon town, Northern Samar are conducting a probe as to who was behind on the killing of a woman suspected to be a victim of vehicular accident.

The woman, identified only as alias ‘Rose,’ 48 and a resident of sitio Balud, Barangay Magsaysay of the said town, bore an open fracture in her left lower leg and blood at the back of her head, the police said.

Her dead body was found at about 5:30 am on Sunday (June 16) along a national highway in sitio Mas-ing of Brgy. Dancalan, also in Bobon town.

The local police said that at about 8:45 am on that day, a concerned citizen informed their station that at about 5:30 am, the victim was found lifeless on the grassy portion of the highway.

The police immediately proceeded to the said place to verify the information and in the place of incident, responding officers saw the victim with an open fracture in her left lower leg and blood at the back of her head.

They then suspected that a vehicular incident had taken the life of the victim as shown by the injuries of the victim.

The police recovered from the site of the incident multiple fragments of motorcycle parts and skid marks, which were believed to be evidence of a vehicular accident.

They also recovered from the victim were one pair of slippers, one sling bag colored gray, and one short bolo.

The victim was declared dead by municipal health officer, Dr. Henry Novales, who conducted the postmortem examination. (ROBERT DEJON)