ORMOC CITY– A woman was found dead inside her house in Naval, Biliran on Monday (Dec.4) with her attending physician ruling out any foul play.

The local police identified the dead woman as ‘Jazmine’ who was lying face down inside her house in Barangay P.I.Garcia at about 7:30 am.

The police said that a lodger of the victim reported to the local police revealing that she noticed the victim was already lying face down, and appeared to be lifeless.

The victim was last seen by her neighbors in the afternoon of Sunday December 3 outside her house.

According to Dr. Ralph Bueno, municipal health officer, conducted a post-mortem examination at the scene and according to him, the estimated time of death was around 7 am on Sunday (Dec.3) and concluded that the cause of her death was cerebrovascular accident, or stroke.”