TACLOBAN CITY – Waray Wikipedia has already surpassed one million articles, nearly nine years after its launching, according to automatically updated Wikimedia data released on June 9. Waray, a language spoken by about 2.6 million Filipinos in Leyte and Samar Islands, is making headway in open-source online encyclopedia with over 1,009,000 articles. “As of 10 June 2014, the Waray-Waray Wikipedia has 2,113,585 pages, 77 active users, and 5,002,407 total edits,” the online encyclopedia reported. Launched in September 25, 2005, the Waray-Waray Wikipedia has included more than twice as many articles as the Tagalog Wikipedia, the main language in the country, according to the report. Wikipedia reported that on 26 August 2010 the Visayan language Wikipedia “passed the 100,000-article milestone, making it the 35th largest language edition.”  The Waray-Waray Wikipedia is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American non-profit and charitable organization based in San Francisco, California, known for hosting Wikipedia, one of the top-ten most-visited websites worldwide. (SARWELL Q. MENIANO)