ORMOC CITY-A village chief shot dead a constituent after he tried to pacify him during a confrontation in Basey, Samar on Sunday (Nov.13) evening.

Venerando Bacayo, 57, barangay chairman of San Agustin, shot to the head Rodel Lapinig,32, after the latter challenged him to shoot him.

Lapinig, who was said to be heavily intoxicated at that time and armed with a ‘sundang’, was causing havoc in the village, prompting the village chairman to pacify him.
But instead of heeding his appeal, Lapinig instead challenged the village leader to shoot him.

Apparently, the village official lost his cool and drew a gun pointing at Lapinig, hitting him on his head, the local police said.
The suspect voluntarily surrendered to Basey Municipal Police Station. (ROBERT DEJON)