Implicated in the slaying of Mayor Aquino

TACLOBAN CITY- A political rival of slain Calbayog City Mayor Ronald Aquino said that he has nothing to do with the killing of the said mayor and is even willing to attend the Senate to clear his name if invited.
Raymund ‘Monmon” Uy also denied that he ever met or knew Police Master Sergeant Jose Jay Senario who dropped his name during the probe conducted by the Senate’s committee on public order and dangerous drugs as among those who reportedly ‘manufactured’ evidences to link Aquino to the illegal drug trade.
“I was shocked that he mentioned my name during the (Senate) hearing. For one, I don’t know him or ever met him, contrary to his claim that we met at my residence here in Calbayog,” Uy, in a phone interview, said.
Asked if he is willing to appear to a Senate committee investing the incident, Uy said that he would do so and clear his name in the process.
“Yes I am willing to appear before the Senate as this will give me a chance to clear my side; to air my side, especially on Senario’s testimony,” he said.
According to Uy, who ran against the slain Aquino during the 2019 mayoralty elections, he just learned that Senario is a police officer assigned at one point at the Calbayog City police office.
He also said that based on information he received, Senario has a bad record and has several cases in courts in the city and a murder charge in a Leyte town where he was assign.
“He has a bad reputation here.He has a case of perjury in the courts here in Calbayog and a murder charge in a Leyte town where he was assigned,” Uy said.
Uy thus said that the situation mentioned by Senario during the Senate hearing ‘never happened.’
“That is not true at all. He never went to my house where he claimed we have meet (and gave him the money),” he said.
Senario, in his testimony, mentioned a ‘disgruntled politician’ as among those who helped concoct stories or evidences to link Aquino into illegal drug trade.
He also said that Uy gave him P50,000 for the alleged murder plan of Bembol Gargar but it was his companion who was killed.
Gargar, a civilian, was said to be a close personnel of Mayor Aquino. Senario, however, did not link Uy of any involvement on the killing of the city mayor.
Uy also dismissed the claim of Senario that he was involved to any plan to implicate the city mayor to illegal drug trade.
“Granted that what he said were true, why will I deal with a (junior rank) policeman like him? I will deal with high-ranking officers. No, it is not true,” Uy said.
Uy also said that he had no dealings with Police Capt. Joselito Tabada.
“I only met him when I made a courtesy call at his office in 2016 when I ran for Congress as he was at that time the police chief of Tarangan (town),” he said.
Tabada, a member of the Samar Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit as among the police officers killed during the incident on March 9 that resulted in the killing of Mayor Aquino who was on his way to attend the birthday celebration of his son, Mark.
He also said that considering that the testimony made by Senario before the Senate were all ‘fabricated,’ he is mulling of consulting his lawyer on what possible legal actions he could make against the police officer.
Uy also welcomed the statement of the son of the slain mayor, Mark Aquino, to conduct investigation on the series of killing incidents in Calbayog City.
“I also welcome that. This will pave the way once and for all, for the people of Calbayog to know who were responsible on these killings and not just point at me as behind these killings,” he said.
Uy admitted that he is now afraid of his security considering that he is being implicated in the killing of Mayor Uy.
“There is a threat on my security although I am just here in Calbayog,” he said.
Uy also wondered why the killing of Aquino was being tagged as politically-motivated.
“Why they are saying it was politically motivated?” he asked.
Earlier, Rep. Edgar Mary Sarmiento said that the killing of Aquino was politically motivated perpetrated by his political enemies.
Uy,  who is an ally of the family of Governor Michael Tan, a political nemeses of Sarmiento and Aquino, admitted that he has still a political plan comes next year’s elections.
“I am just waiting instructions from my party,” he said.
Uy said that he belongs to the ruling PDP-Laban. At that time of his killing, Mayor Aquino was serving on his last term in office.
Meantime, Police Lt. Col. Harry Sucayre, head of the PNP-Integrity Monitoring Enforcement Group, said that he would answer the complaint filed against him and five others relative to the slaying of Mayor Aquino.
Sucayre and his men involved in the incident were charged for three counts for homicide and frustrated homicide for the killing of Aquino, his police escort, S/Sgt. Rodelio Sario, driver Dennis Abayon, and the wounding of Mansfield Labonite, a staff of the mayor.
“I will answer the complaint filed against me. I will not issue further comment on this (issue) as it is now in courts,” Sucayre, in a separate phone interview, said.
His group are now restricted at their national police headquarters as directed by Police Director General Guillermo Eleazar.