TACLOBAN CITY- A young man’s attempt to commit suicide by hanging himself was saved by his uncle.
Based on a police report, the victim only identified as ‘Patrick’, 23, single and jobless and a resident of Barangay 84, San Jose district, this city, attempted to kill himself using a rope at about 4 pm on March 7.
But his attempt to kill himself was stopped after his uncle, identified as ‘James,’ rescued him and brought him to a hospital, police said.
Accordingly, the father of the victim, who is in Manila, called James to go to their house as he received information that his son was to commit suicide.
Police authorities conducted their probe on the incident to determine the reason why Patrick wanted to end his life. (RICA NIÑA FABILLAR, MA. ESTERLITA HERMANO, CHRISTINE CARDONA, LY-ANN LANIGAO, EVSU-Interns)