Mayor Lorenzo Reveldez

In Biliran

TACLOBAN CITY – The mayor of Culaba town in Biliran denied that he delisted families from the list of a housing project.
Mayor Lorenzo Reveldez said that he was surprised on the allegation saying that the list has been drawn three years ago.
These families are living in coastal areas identified by the government as risk areas reason they are to be resettled in safe zones.
“The final list was submitted to the National Housing Authority in 2016,” Reveldez said in an interview conducted by online website Biliran Island on March 2.
The NHA constructed about 700 housing units in Barangay Guindapunan.
“Who told them that if they will not vote for me and my brother ,who is running for mayor, will be delisted? How can we not award them the house if their name is in the list? Reveldez said in the same interview.
Earlier, some residents of the town claimed that their names were either delisted from the list of the housing resettlement project or purposely lifted out due to politics.
They also alleged that Mayor Reveldez asked them to ‘vote straight’ and in return, would be included in the list.
Reveldez is running for vice governor of the province in this year’s May 13 elections with his brother, Rodito, who is an incumbent town councilor, running for mayor.
“I don’t want to accuse but I know politics has to do with this issue. We know that election is coming and issues even they are untrue will come out to destroy other candidates,” Reveldez said.
“Maybe I am a threat (to them) that is why they are throwing issues against me. But I can’t dictate the people whom they should vote for. If they will choose me, then I will thank them but if not, I have to accept it,” Reveldez added.