TACLOBAN CITY – Some 17 individuals who are concessioners of the Bangon River Walk in Palo town attended a three-day trained on food preparation under the Community-based Kulinarya program of the Department of Tourism (DOT).
The participants undergo training on how to prepare and handle food for tourists and regular customers in a professional manner, rules to having a clean kitchen, how to cook in the most systematic and efficient manner and presentation / plating.
They also gain a better understanding of the importance of food safety, sanitation, and hygiene. They were also taught on basic culinary math that helps the participants on how to do budgeting.
The concessioners were trained by Chef Mark Reynan Sabayan, the only accredited culinary trainor in the region by the DOT8.
Prior to the community-based Kulinarya, it was learned that the concessioners are selling foods in their stalls that are mostly of western influence.
With the training, they are taught how to prepare and cook local dishes like tinola, kinilaw, sinugba, prito, and pako salad.
Preparation and cooking including ingredients used by the participants were based on the traditional way how it is cooked.
Culminating the three-day training was the food presentation of dishes cooked by the participants.
“What you have acquired flourish it and try to look for your origin because it will be the key to your success, it will make us proud of our place, and somehow our place will be known and take the fame,” Sabayan said.
Sabayan also reminded the participants to be keen on food safety and preparation as it reflect on the dishes that they prepare and serve and on their well-being as the person who cooks.
DOT Regional Director Karina Rosa Tiopes agreed with Sabayan saying that cleanliness is critical to food preparation and how food is being served and presented comes only at second.
“I hope you put to good use this help that the government gave you, and also you should also help you self. Whether your business will be successful or not will depend on you,” Tiopes said. (ROEL T.AMAZONA)