TACLOBAN CITY-She is only 33 years of age but Grace Mengullo Leupi has visited, on her last count, 50 countries. And in all her visits to these countries, this native daughter of Oras, Eastern Samar has not only relished the beauty of the countries she visited, but gained enough knowledge that she now put into best use- start a business. Leupi, who is married to Philip, a robotic engineer from Switzerland, is a multi-hyphenated woman. She is not only a singer her first profession but is also into producing concerts and events. And now, she is the owner of a Purse Business in Zurich, where she and husband Philip lives, and here in Tacloban. High-end items like shoes, perfumes, lingerie and of course, bags are being sold in her shops just like the one she established here in Tacloban located along Sagkahan-Real area. Leupi is not shy in admitting that of all the items she sells in her shops, she is more “proud” of bags. “I really love bags. I have a big collection of bags that I bought in my travels, especially, in Europe,” she said.  And her collections are not mere bags but so-called “branded” bags. Thus, it was not a surprise that her shops sells some of the world’s most-famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Coach and Prada, among others. Here in Tacloban her shop sells affordable brands like Mango, Zara, Orsay, H&M, Sisley and Victoria Secret items.  “These are all original and shopped directly in Europe,” Leupi said, adding that despite of the hefty price, her shops are still earning with number of clients steadily growing. Leupi said that she is lucky to have a supportive and loving husband in Philip. “He really gives his support in all of my undertakings,” she said. The young businesswoman said that she will continue to travel abroad so she will continue to grow not only as a person but as a fast-emerging entrepreneur of note. Grace Mengullo Leupi came from a humble beginning in Oras, Eastern Samar. She is known as the Pink Traveller. She is celebrating her birthday on July 27.