TACLOBAN CITY– In support of sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Tacloban City District Engineering Office participated in the nationwide tree planting activity proposed by the DPWH Central Office, along with the celebration of the Department’s 126th anniversary on June 11, 2024.


In coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the District Engineering Offices across Region VIII gathered at Tigbao-Sta. Fe Road, the identified area for tree planting.

This campaign for sustainability and environmental stewardship not only aims to beautify the surroundings of Tigbao-Sta Fe Road but also to create a sustainable home for various living species, as well as provide protection against natural calamities.

With the alarming effects brought about by climate change on our environment, this tree planting initiative will also serve as a movement towards the protection and preservation of Mother Nature against environmental damages. Hence, creating a secure and healthy environment for the future.

“This activity demonstrates the power of unity in creating a positive change for the environment,” remarked OIC District Engineer, Rebecca G. Yuse. “By planting trees, we are gradually moving forward to a greener and more sustainable environment that is beneficial for the community today and for future generations,” she added.

After carefully planting the last seedling, participants reflected on how important their actions were. Each tree they planted was like a small but meaningful way to make the planet healthier and ensure a better future. Through their collective effort and commitment, the Tacloban City District Engineering Office showed their full support for environmental conservation.