TACLOBAN CITY-To effectively respond to emergency and disaster situation, the city government of Tacloban through the leadership of Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez will formally launch an emergency response system this Friday (August 26) at the City Hall Kanhuraw grounds.
Dubbed as the “Community Climate Guide & Response (CCGR) System,” the program will use a text blast scheme to inform local residents of emergency advisory in times of calamities and disaster at the same time in emergency and in critical situation, they can immediately report their conditions.
Mayor Romualdez will lead in the launching of the program.
The city chief executive, too concerned of the safety and welfare of the residents, aims to achieve a zero casualty in times of disasters like typhoon and earthquake through the implementation of the CCGR System.
Using the nine key words provided for, namely: weather, classes, fire, police, Tacru, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake and evac, a person can simply register by texting: REG <space> FULL NAME <space> COMPLETE ADDRESS and send to 0920-900-0911 (for smart/talk n text/sun) and 0977-808-0911 (for globe/touch mobile), and to text HELP for the complete list of keywords or call its HOTLINE 88-0911 (PLDT).
Registration is free.
The scheme will honor only one number per registration, multiple registration using the same number will not be valid.
The system can also be access through its official CCGR Facebook account and the CCGR.TACLOBAN.GOV.PH website.
The CCGR system is a 24/7 emergency service which tap city emergency service response provider such as the Police, Tacru, City Fire Department and its City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) members chaired by the City Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez to immediately in times of disaster.
As part of the priority program of Mayor Cristina, the CCGR system envisions a systematize emergency scheme for Tacloban aiming a zero casualty in the city during a disaster.
The scheme was being piloted within the city work force recently to test its system. ((Photo by: RONALD ORCULLO/GAY GASYPAY, TISAT/Kanhuraw Media Team)