TACLOBAN CITY- Prisoners at the Tacloban City Jail are now facing scarcity of their daily rations, particularly on rice.
This was revealed by Chief Inspector Rill Sono, warden of the said prison facility who said that he is thankful that the Department of Social Welfare and Development has provided them with sacks of rice to meet their demands.
According to him, with more than 500 prisoners presently detained at the Tacloban City Jail, they need at least seven sacks of rice a day.
Rice supply in Tacloban has become scarce after the city was devastated by supertyphoon Yolanda with majority of its residents relies on their rice needs to the DSWD.
He added that the National Food Authority could not give them the needed supplies of rice as he added that they tried to resort other means like getting their rice needs in Baybay City.
However, procuring their rice needs in Baybay City would entail additional cost to them, Sono said during the February 18,2014 meeting of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council held at the Leyte Sports Complex(Grandstand), this city.
Sono said that after the massive typhoon, their rice supply was depleted and it was the DSWD that provided them 200 sacks of rice.