TACLOBAN CITY– DPWH Tacloban District Engineering Office is pleased to inform the public about the completion of the Shore Protection Project at Old Road Sagkahan. This was an initiative taken into action in order to provide an enhanced protection around the coastal area against the threat of water-related disasters. Thus, this ensures the safety of the people living nearby.

The project was made possible through the budget allocated amounting P50, 000, 000.00 that was taken under the Appropriation Act of 2023. It involves the installation of various protective measures along the shoreline, including the placement of reinforced concrete pipe culverts (RCPC) to improve drainage and manage storm water flow effectively.

The project area extends from the Tacloban-Baybay-South Road to the Astrodome, incorporating key features such as an access road, a basketball court, and the Yolanda Marker. The use of existing revetment and new concrete pipes, along with slope protection, are central to the plan, ensuring long-term stability and resilience of the shoreline.

“Our investment in infrastructure and protection is a demonstration of commitment to resilience and preparedness in the face of natural calamities.” OIC District Engineer Rebecca G. Yuse said in a statement.

The successful completion of the Shore Protection Project at Old Road Sagkahan is one of the testaments that DPWH Tacloban City District Engineering Office continues to provide high quality and reliable infrastructure that would impose great benefits to the different areas of the City.