Tacloban City—The Tacloban City District Engineering Office (TCDEO) has commenced dredging operations at Burayan Creek, a vital waterway spanning 3,004 meters in length.
The initiative, which began on March 20, 2024, aims to alleviate flooding risks exacerbated by the accumulation of water lilies and silts within the creek.

Burayan Creek plays a crucial role in draining rainwater, mitigating the impact of flooding in the surrounding areas. However, the proliferation of water lilies and silts has hindered the creek’s capacity to effectively direct water to the outfall, posing a significant challenge to flood management efforts.

To address this issue, TCDEO’s Maintenance Section, under the leadership of Engr. Lemuel Mikkael R. Sibayan, has mobilized resources for the dredging operation. Utilizing an Amphibious Excavator sourced from the Equipment Management Division of DPWH Regional Office VIII, the team is working diligently to restore the creek’s functionality and enhance its flood mitigation capabilities.

In a statement regarding the ongoing operations, Engr. Lemuel Mikkael R. Sibayan emphasized the critical importance of the dredging initiative in safeguarding communities against the threat of flooding. He stated, “The dredging operations at Burayan Creek represent a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by water lilies and silts.

By restoring the creek’s capacity to efficiently drain rainwater, we are enhancing our resilience to flooding and protecting the welfare of our constituents.” (PR)