TACLOBAN CITY – The Tacloban City District Engineering Office (TCDEO) has commenced its Annual Road Condition Survey (RoCond), a critical initiative that plays a significant role in the planning and budgeting of road projects.

The survey, which is scheduled from April 9, 2024, to June 15, 2024, is part of a broader national initiative. This initiative aims to collect essential data about the state of our roads and bridges. This data is crucial because it informs us about the current conditions of our infrastructure and helps identify areas that require maintenance or improvement.

This information is then used in a specialized system, known as the Pavement Management System. This system, with the help of a tool called the Highway Development and Management-4 (HDM-4), assists in determining the order of priority for various road projects. In simpler terms, it helps us decide which projects should be addressed first based on their urgency and importance, ensuring efficient use of resources for road repair and improvement.

The RoCond was led by Engr. John Nichole G. Bertulfo, the Road and Bridge Information Application (RBIA) coordinator, along with other personnel from the planning and design section of TCDEO. The team is tasked with conducting a quality check of the surveyed data prior to uploading it to the RBIA.

In a statement, Engr. Bertulfo emphasized the importance of the survey.

“The Annual Road Condition Survey is not just an activity but a priority. The data we collect is crucial for the Pavement Management System. It helps us identify which road projects need immediate attention and ensures that our programming and budgeting efforts are as accurate and effective as possible,” he said. (PR)