The city government of Tacloban is pushing for planting of dragon fruits for commercial purposes as 176 more dragon fruit cuttings were planted by the City Agriculture Office at the Agriculture Livelihood and Food Resource Development Center (ALFRED).

TACLOBAN CITY-At least 176 dragon fruit stem cuttings were planted at the Agriculture Livelihood and Food Resource Development (ALFRED) Center led by Dr. Alfredo ‘Boy’ Camposano, head of the City Agriculturist Office (CAO).
This is the second time that dragon stem cuttings were planted at the ALFRED Center as 104 stem cuttings were also planted there last October 23.
ALFRED Center, a 3-hectare farm, now grows, dragon fruit, watermelon, squash, ampalaya (melon gourd), cucumber, eggplant, upo, to name a few, is estimated to accomplish the Plant Nursery, Scion Grove Fruit Development Site, Sunflower Fields, Queen Pineapple Plantation, and the Greenhouse Tunnel Tomatoes by next year.
According to Dr. Camposano, said planting activity which is considered a teambuilding activity enables all the employees of the CAO to work and have fun together.
He likewise encourages the Taclobanons, especially those who are interested to venture into farming, to visit the City Agriculturist’s Office on weekdays as they are willing to offer the necessary technical assistance. It is not only their obligation but their passion to help develop farms, he added.